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Re: [school-discuss] #schoolforge IRC channel

Teemu wrote:

> Hi.
> Well, I have to admit it, I'm an IRC addict... ;)
> So I had to setup a channel for SchoolForge at irc.openprojects.net.
> Channel: #schoolforge
> IRC network: Open Projects Net (irc.openprojects.net)
> People who'd like to hang around, join in =)

We also have a #schoolforge channel on moria.seul.org:7776.  I don't
know which (if either) will best serve for Schoolforge, so let's try
them both at least for a while.  I know that since moria only has
channels for things SEUL is associated with, there aren't a lot of
drop-in disruptors as you occasionally find on bigger IRC networks.  Of
course, the general run of SEUL people on the server can be annoying at
times (can't we, Felipe, Manolo, Roger, etc.?).

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