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Re: [school-discuss] Zis Communication

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Les Richardson wrote:

> I've had a brief look at your software a year or so ago, but since my
> responsibilities didn't overlap yours, I haven't pursued it. However, I
> have written all administration software for use in our
> school...mainly just attendance, report cards, and simple scheduling. I
> have been doing contract work for the last 6 months or so (part-time..I'm
> a full time teacher) building a web based admin package for use in 6
> elementary schools in a local Catholic school division. It is understood
> by this division that it will be licensed under the GPL. 
> The upshot of this is I would like to get this system to talk to your
> system using this Agent <-> ZIS <-> Agent method. 

Do you have information online somewhere about your software?

> Does this sound like a plan? Initially we should "get" a ZIS server
> somewhere and get the agents working so that they can talk, etc. When
> done, we can then look at replacing the ZIS server. 
> Of course, I would write the agent in Perl (since the entire app is in
> perl using DBI to talk to MySQL. ) We could collaborate on the perl agent
> code, if you'd like...

I'm not too far along yet.  I have an agent that will submit an XML
document to a zis server and receive an XML message from the server.  It
appears that there should be two types of agents, btw, one that accepts
PUSH'es from the ZIS server and one that PULL's from the ZIS server.  The
PUSH agent would probably be a CGI script under apache, while the PULL
agent would be a standalone daemon.