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Re: [school-discuss] Zis Communication

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Michael Williams wrote:

> I'm still going through the spec's myself and one question in my mind
> is the role of the databse..is it just to store the information being
> exchanged during the transaction or is it a central repository?

Temporary storage of messages.  The ZIS server has to hold on to a message
until it receives a Final SIF_Ack from the Agent.  When a message is first
passed to an agent, the agent has to reply with a SIF_Ack message.  This
SIF_Ack message can be either Intermediate or Final.  Once the server
receives the Final SIF_Ack message, it can discard the original message.
There is some mention of maintaining a record of all messages transmitted,
but this would not be the same as a central repository of information, but
just a log of past transactions between agents/applications.