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[school-discuss] New Project, Maybe?

After all the discussion on SIF, EDUML, and school/district
wide standards, I guess we should see who is interested in
working on creating something for Open Source projects to
use. I am willing to set up the resources needed on one of
my servers to allow a discussion/quasi working group to get

I kind of want to keep this separate from my OSEF activities,
so if you are interested in hammering out a standard/spec 
and server, let me know at jzeigler@zqc.com, and I will set
something up. My thought for now is a separate mailing list.

Justin Zeigler <jzeigler@osef.org>
Open Source Education Foundation

My mind is like a rusty trap, you never know when, or if, it is
going to go off, and your likely to get tetanus when it does.