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Re: [school-discuss] Eduml Dream

Bruno Vernier wrote:
> The beauty (and efficiency) of this idea is that our starting point would be
> the IMS XML schemas and as we apply them in our real day to day situations,
> we would feel free to adapt them to our (open source sharing) way of
> thinking and working.
> P.S. although I have (for the sake of oratory) opposed SIF with IMS, in
> practice, they do not compete but rather profess to be compatible one with
> the other, with SIF being North American and for traditional LAN/WAN applications
> and IMS more oriented towards online (internet-based) applications
Welcome Bruno!  It's great to hear from you again!  could you post a URL
for the IMS XML schemas so we can look them over?  I'm mildly surprised
to hear that anything actually came of IMS, but if it's there and
working, we should work with it.

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