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Re: [school-discuss] Thoughts on XML data interchange

On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 10:26:25PM -0800, Tonnesen Steve wrote:

> Examples of this:  The Student Information System might be authoritative
> for student demographics, while the district payroll systems may be
> authoritative for teacher demographics.  The library system would be
> authoritative for library holdings, patron issues and overdues.  The
> teacher gradebook application might be authoritative for Mr. Jones'
> assignment marks, while the Student Information System might be
> authoritative for final grades and report card comments.

sounds like PGP/GPG or something like it would make a nice component of our
system.  Heck, we could start now:  if I trust Steve, and put him in my
"ring of trust" (I forget the exact name) , then he can get real information
from my school via https...  (I'll need to freshen up on my PGP/GPG skills)
We want to avoid re-inventing the wheel; are there any other well oiled
schemes for authentication/authorisation/authoritative/trust service?

Anyways, I just created a small CGI that spits out the same XML as Steve's
showing the school name and 2 students


Let's say Doug is the superintendent of our schools; Steve's many schools
and my lonely school.  Doug wants to know on a daily basis, 
how many schools are currently in his realm and how many students in total.  
That is the next exercise :-)