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Re: [school-discuss] Apologies for my ignorance but....

I see plenty of reasons to keep it on our site.   Can we try it?  If it's not useful enough, then I'll give in.  Setting permissions ... should be done soon.


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A wiki is a great idea for collating resources and coordinating work, but for the whitepaper I prefer using a shared googledoc - unless someone has any strong objections to that?


On Sunday, January 29, 2012, j. Tim Denny <johndenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yishay
> good idea...    your list of activities is partially embodied in what I was calling a needs assessment.   And as Justin pointed out we need a clear assessment of problems, resources and solutions..
> I think doing a joint whitepaper is a fine idea, why don't  you lead that process by setting up a paper outline in wiki format?
> Tim
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> On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 06:46, Yishay Mor <yishaym@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The one thing I would find most useful at this point in time is a whitepaper on "open text books: the state of affairs" which would include:
>> - definitions
>> - state of the art
>> - existing initiatives
>> - burning needs and challenges
>> - proposals for ways forward
>> Perhaps we could start by collaboratively authoring such a report, exposing it for critique and feedback in as wide a circle as possible, and then, through that process, we might identify development targets.
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>> On 28 January 2012 16:43, Justin Riddiough <jriddiough@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> For example, one thing I see right now is Micah said that there is a possible wealth of effort being duplicated in creating plans and organizing content.  Bill said Funnymonkey is working on a platform for open content.  Maybe they should talk and find out if the workflow is compatible and this is something that could be rolled out to harness those resources in content building. 
>>> That's the sort of connection I see SchoolForge facilitating, and if we could find a way to do that methodically, the whole movement would benefit
>>> On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 7:58 AM, LM <lmemsm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> On 1/28/12, Justin Riddiough <jriddiough@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> > I think the
>>>> > SchoolForge website could be used well as a clearing house sort of resource
>>>> > similar to the software listing, but towards funneling users towards open
>>>> > content resources.
>>>> >
>>>> Would very much like to see the SchoolForge web site head in this direction.
>>>> I'll see if I can start by adding some of the software resources that
>>>> were mentioned in the discussion to our current software list at
>>>> Schoolforge.  I know about a lot of Open Source software out there,
>>>> but I don't know what would be most useful to others in their
>>>> education projects.  So, Schoolforge at the moment is far from a
>>>> comprehensive list of Open Source software.  If there are tools you
>>>> think should be added or categories where you'd like to find software,
>>>> please be sure to mention it.  Also, if you know of other Open Source
>>>> software that could be used for open textbook projects, please be sure
>>>> to speak up so it can be added to our Schoolforge software list.
>>>> I look forward to seeing what other helpful results come out of the
>>>> textbook brainstorming discussion.
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Laura
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