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Re: [school-discuss] linux distributions for low resource computers

Another route to consider would be to use the laptops as thin clients with a K12LTSP server. A new $600 computer from Best Buy as the server will support ~20 thin clients; or you could even support 5-10 clients just using a P4 machine from the past few years if it has a gig or more of RAM. With this you can give the users a full desktop experience with lightning fast applications, and give yourself full access to just about any application you find. I just donated a bunch old laptops from my former employer to a charter school for such a setup. The school has to buy the server, but when they saw the price tag for getting a whole lab, they jumped at it. See the K12LTSP wiki (www.k12ltsp.org) for details about using old laptops as thin clients.


Laura nmi Michaels wrote:
I looked into using both DSL and Puppy (distros some of the list members just recommended), but with only 64 MB RAM and both distributions listing minimum requirements needing more, it just isn't a solution for that particular computer. As I mentioned, both DeLi Linux and Absolute Linux work on a machine with less than 64 MB. Would be interested to hear if those using smaller distributions are finding all the applications they need with the distributions or adding applications themselves. If you're adding applications, which ones are most helpful and most responsive for low resource systems? Is there a method of sharing the added applications with others if you go to the effort of compiling and building a program yourself?