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Re: [school-discuss] linux distributions for low resource computers,

Hi Dean,

Which boxes did you use?  How much were they compared to thin clients
($400 vs. $150, e.g.)?  How many servers do you need for a given number
of diskless nodes?  I'd like to do a cost comparison, something like the

Assume you can only put 5-10 clients per server to be able to do video
and 3D graphics properly, according to Jim's calculations earlier.  That
would require one to two servers per classroom in our 2:1 model here in
Atlanta.  At a classroom server cost of $500, that's only $50-100 more
per workstation, assuming you only need one or two schoolwide servers
for the diskless nodes.  If the diskless systems are $200 more per
station, that really increases the total cost.  Plus, when you upgrade,
wouldn't you have to replace all the workstations, not just the servers
like you do in a thin client model?

But I'm intrigued by the concept, especially if we could envision a
mixed environment where both thin clients and diskless nodes are part of
the solution.


Dean Montgomery wrote:
In response to Christian Einfeldt's post...

We switched from LTSP to diskless model which resolves most of the issues with sound, video 3d-acceleration (google earth, beryl/compiz), usb cameras etc.

Here is a summary comparison...

Daniel Howard
President and CEO
Georgia Open Source Education Foundation