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Re: [school-discuss] Sale of Libre-Software Artwork

Justin wrote:

>It is a bit off topic, but I have a calender and a shirt from your
>online store.  I ripped the sleeves of of the shirt and wore it at
>Coachella (a music festival) and it received a ton of compliments! :)

I don't think this is too far off topic; buying merchandise that displays FLOSS-based
art helps the overall cause. Justin, I hope you had a chance to talk about the important
connections when you were discussing the picture on the shirt with the music fans.

For anyone who might be interested....

The calendar that Justin bought can be viewed here:


The shirt he purchased is this one:


Back to the subject of calendars--I'm thinking about what I should put on the 2013
BASIC-256 calendars, which ought to hit the web around September if CafePress
stays on the same schedule they had last year. While I'm focusing on brand new
images, I'm certainly open to suggestions from Justin and you potential customers
if there are any of my previous works you'd really like to see on your wall. Here are
the places to survey my portfolios at Pinterest . . .


. . . Saatchi Online . . .


. . . and Fine Art America:


Questions, comments, suggestions--and especially, purchases :-)--are all welcome.


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