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On Monday 04 March 2002 07:47, you wrote:
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> sf-pass Subject: Linux-based desktops in schools
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> A school that I volunteer at is re-evaluating its five-year technology
> plan.  Currently, they're all-Mac.  I'm putting together a plan that would
> head towards X terms and terminal server computing.
> However, one big obstacle (among others) that I *know* I'll run into is who
> will support it once I'm gone in a few years.  Does anyone have any
> compelling evidence that support need not be local? i.e. that these setups
> can be reliably managed remotely?  (Specific instances of it happening
> would be nice.)
> If all goes well, I'd like to put together the tools and information I've
> used into a handy package for similar case.
> Thanks in advance!

If their problem is lack of places to send their money, why not contact RH 
(or other provider)? I am pretty certain these guys can either do or farm-out 
remote admin.

Jes' my 2 cents worth.