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Re: [school-discuss] Request for comments: Global Knowledge forDevelopment Digest V1 #634

Il sab, 2003-03-01 alle 08:06, FN ha scritto:
> Sam Lanfranco <lanfran@yorku.ca> wrote:
> > For software the open source platforms are both available at all levels
> > (i.e., operating systems, browsers, email, server software, OpenOffice
> While I am a believer in open-source, I have to say that in the case of
> The case I want to share is our need for educational software compatible
> with the RH 7.2 distro (GNOME desktop) we use in our schools. While
> there is tons of available educational software on sites like seul.org,
> it is a mishmash of different distributions, different desktops etc, and
> very little of it actually works on our distro. We've tried very hard to
> get online volunteers (including netaid) to help with compiling RPM's
> etc, but have had almost zero success.

Hi, I understand about what you're saying, because I tried to recompile
software for an italian project of ITD-CNR of Genoa (Italy).
	I met a very lot of problem because a lot of the programs I tried was
realeased for Kde3 or don't compile correctly even if they were
realeased for Kde2. Another problem is about the program that uses the
SDL library (SDL_ttf) that in many cases requires to put the SDL_ttf.h
file into the "src" directory of the program (see TuxPaint for example).
	So RH 7.2 that caused a lot of problem was upgraded to RH 8.0 but
probably you can resolve the problem upgrading only KDE3, the Qt libs
and the Gcc.
	Best reguards,
Giovanni Caruso
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