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Re: [school-discuss] etc ... and war

you mentioned instincts. 
maybe there are better and worse instincts, maybe there are just
instincts put to better or worse use. I use the idea of instincts in my
computing classes.
I require students pay attention to me for short periods of time. I
tell them that paying attention is just like paying money... and that
they'll only get what they are prepared to pay for and attention is the
currency. attendance/attention is a sensory experience, I sell
impressions, to truly "attend" a class is to engage in the thought,
feeling, movement and instinctive impressions that I'm selling.
I instinctively avoid discomfort, pain, struggle, ... paying attention
is swimming against the river.

you also mentioned that "man is ready to fight and defend himself since
birth". I was moved at how helpless and dependent my babies were at
birth, I suspect I was very much the same at birth. I'd also suggest
that it takes years of training to be ready to fight and defend
yourself, whether the enemy is inside in terms of fighting for soul
survival or outside in terms of surviving a relationship or surviving a
society. There are no titles on the shelves like "Learn how to Survive
in the Antarctic in 3 minutes" or "9 minute World Heavyweight Boxing
Champion" or "do-it-yourself Be Richard Stallman in 24 hours"

Neil Kelly

>>> algaba@gmx.net 03/18/03 07:13pm >>>
> On Tuesday 18 March 2003 06:44 pm, Neil Kelly wrote:
> > I look at my 2 yr old son and hope he never has to go to war. I
> > worry about his favourite game which is to wander about the back
> > with a stick in his hand pretending its some sort of weapon and
> > killing the baddies or the bears, or whoever his enemy of choice
> > to be. Where does this come from?
> Television (esp. news), friends, toys, schoolmates were he a bit
> who 
> knows?
> Cheers; Leon

Babies have their fits closed when they're born, man is ready to fight
to defend himself since birth.
Only education erodes our worst instincts. So schoolforge indirectly
help to
promote peace in the long term. 

Peace has a lot to with education. 


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