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Re: [school-discuss] The end of Red Hat support

Distribution for schools??

I am strictly a simple end user - if it is not easy enough, I don't use
it.  In the early days, when I only did server stuff in my classroom, I
used RedHat.  These past two years, I have only used LInux apps on the
desktop in my computer lab.  I use Mandrake, because it is so blame easy
to install.  Plus, since I was forced to keep Windows on my computers by
our tech administrator dude, Mandrake did this resize the Windows
partition thing that made the dual boot business possible for me.

I'd like to see a distro that packages all of the multimedia, music
sequencing-effects-composition, 3D animation, video editing, typing
tutor, LyX for writing, OpenOffice and other apps etc. etc. that I use
in class for handy dandy installation.  Currently I am having a heck of
a time setting up my lab for the next trimester, getting all of the apps
to work that aren't part of the Mandrake 9.2 download installation
package.  Also, I would like drivers for all of my multimedia toys
(music keyboards, drawing pads, cameras, scanners, etc.) packaged with
it.  And I would like a working copy of Dialpak included as well.

I am open to trying other distributions.   In the past I have tried to
install SuSE, Slackware, Debian, BSD but was unsuccessful.

Actually it would be really cool for teachers if when you install you
could just choose your subject area.

(Note:  Harry - I will try to get you a more detailed list later on

By the way - I give copies ot Knoppix for Kids and FREEDUC to all my
students.  What a wonderful thing to send software home.

I'm rambling.


>>> bob@bobsewell.com 11/05/03 8:11 AM >>>

>> I have to wonder _if_ Mr. Szulik was (or wasn't) paid to go public 
>> with that viewpoint.  I'm finding it difficult to believe that hints 
>> of this viewpoint didn't surface prior to today.
> Bob,
> They have surfaced prior to today. I interviewed Leigh Day back in 
> August. I reported the interview for desktoplinux.com in this article:
> http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT8086595350.html
> At the time, Red Hat planned to come out with the killer desktop. But,

> most people in the industry regard Red Hat as contentious and very 
> difficult when it comes to doing business with them. So, the one 
> company that really does business with them is Dell. Everyone else has

> written them off.
> Now, consider Dell. They will not sell Linux on the desktop while HP 
> will and does.  So, since Dell doesn't want a Linux desktop (at least 
> they told me that) why wouldn't Red Hat change its approach and 
> benefit its main suitor.
> As Novell's VP said, Red Hat was an acquistion candidate - so they are

> for sale.
> What better way to get them out of the way than to have Dell buy them?
> Do you think Dell can afford it?
> While these thoughts are primarily my opinion, one might want to 
> consider them in the days to come.


Thanks for dispelling the conspiracy theory.  Business 101 - Every 
business is an acquisition candidate.   :-)

 From a standpoint of a school... does anyone have recommendations for 
another distro to consider?  I'm considering SUSE because the pro 
version comes with 8 CDs, containing all of the software to have ever 
been tested with it.  Also YAST seems to be an ideal way to manage 
programs within.  Hey, has anyone else noticed the Novell component that

is also within the YAST menu?  Hmmm....  inclusion is everything.

Distro recommendations welcomed.  Thanks.  :-)