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Re: [school-discuss] IP video streaming for a school

sir here are the links that can give you usefull informations
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyne you must start from here
http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolic and look for frequently asked questions
http://www.dynebolic.org/ this is home page
http://www.variant.randomstate.org/pdfs/issue20/machinista.pdf and finish here with the future philosophy soon i will mail you the exact pages that can help youfor webcastiong solution with zero cost well one more thing i dont remeber when these conversation starts between us but i am happy to help you infact i am already planning to launch a web on open source virtual human body project i am a medical student here in india and a linux user well feel free to contact me also check my initiative on www.blender4science.blogspot.com

On 11/13/08, JTD <johndenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Adil and others
Intriguing...   I o not clearly understand the conversation about webcasting, ip conferencing, etc that is happening on this list.   But it sure seems to be leading in a  very powerful direction...
Adil can you please clarify your note with some links?  I would like to read up on the technologies you have presented...
Ok here is the scenario I have in mind...
Cambodia -  a two branch university campus...   one branch in the capital city another some 150km in a provincial capital.
the university owner wishes to set up some sort of video conferencing and video capturing system so that real time lectures can be shared from one campus to the next. At the same time the video could be saved for archives.
the constraints...
very slow net speed...  I understand the Branch campus has a 128k line while the main campus is using a 512k line...  Before those of  you from developed countries cringe... please realize the costs for net service in Cambodia is extremely high...  I understand an unlimited  throughput line runs around $800/month in Cambodia (supposedly lower sharing ratio)... 
The university is talking about purchasing high end camera systems for each end... yet what I am telling them is that it does no good...  their bottleneck is the slow net speed... until that is resolved higher quality video is more a burden than a benefit.  
anyhow...   I am curious to hear what others may have to say about linking two locations in the 100-200km distance...  would you consider a dedicated link?  what current wireless systems cam manage long distances without great loss?

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 4:16 PM, adil khan <adilkhan1234@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
well if you are searching for a permanent solution for webcasting the class room lacture you must think about an open source operating system dynbolic well it comes with all the needed featuer for webcasting even radio and tv broadcasting as well as tools for graphics designing etc much more is there you must start knowing dyn from wiki pages then db's own website also should join forums

On 11/9/08, Daniel Howard <dhhoward@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My daughter's principal has asked me to set up an IP video system so that teachers can capture their lectures using webcams attached to their Windows laptops, and also have one or two dedicated IP video setups where a PC in a computer lab or media center has a video camera on a tripod connected to it for realtime streaming of morning announcements to teachers Windows PCs.  I'm thinking a dedicated Ubuntu PC for each of two cameras running Ubuntu Studio, and another dedicated Linux box that becomes the IP video server where all videos from morning announcements and classrooms are stored and served.  The wrinkle is the teachers Windows laptops and the parents and students at home/work who would like to view the videos.

Has anyone done something like this?  Can you offer thoughts on how to best do it in a school setting?  I'll need an easy way in Windows for teachers to setup and capture videos of lectures and save them to the local server, hopefully an OpenSource solution and in a format that any OS can easily use, likewise the Ubuntu Studio PCs used for morning announcements, etc. in the Media Center and Computer Lab.  Note that I considered uploading videos to YouTube, but our school district blocks it.

Any ideas appreciated!  Best, Daniel

Daniel Howard
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Georgia Open Source Education Foundation


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