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RE: [school-discuss] [Open Admin] SIF/XML tools for Data Transfer .

Next commentator please (this may well now be rather British in tone, but
hey, I'm British!).



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From: Matt R. Jezorek
To: Chris Puttick
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Subject: RE: [school-discuss] [Open Admin] SIF/XML tools for Data Transfer .

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 11:29, Chris Puttick wrote:
> Can I return it as an OO.org doc? Makes commenting/modifying easier.
> I like writing letters; that's manager for you...
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> From: Matt R. Jezorek
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> Subject: Re: [school-discuss] [Open Admin] SIF/XML tools for Data
> The letter to sun please correct it as I pretty much hate writing
> letters :)
> To whom it may concern:
> In January 2002 EduStructures (http://www.edustructures.com) informed
> the world that they had aquired the Sun Microsystems ZIS code JaZ and
> J/SAL packages. It was informed to the public that Sun Microsystems
> stipulated that the code remain open source and freely available. The
> freely available code was hosted at opensif.org the OpenSIF project. 
> In more recent times EduStructures has forked the code you provided
> into trademarked closed source commercial software products. The
> SIFWorks Platform. While this would be great and dandy during any
> time I would like to report the fact that they then closed the open
> source project down claiming that their was not enough developer
> support. Boasted that there was only 24 messages on the mailing list
> during the year and downloads have went down. I will address each of
> these issues to you now.
> The lack of developer support may be true. However it is not the fault
> of the open source community. If you look at the hoops you have to
> thru to become a developer you will notice that not many open source
> developers are willing to do that to submit a few patches. You had to
> send a email to info@opensif.org and let them know what work you would
> like to pursue, then wait for them to get back to you. After that if
> want to be a source contributor there was no public source code
> repository. So you would everything had to be in the form of patches
> mailed to the owner of the file you are patching. This would be a big
> headache if you patched multiple files over multiple owners. Then you
> had to wait till it was merged into the tree by the owner. 
> This is not exactly a good way to do open source development and
> developers to the project. I also feel this is why the developer
> was low. While I understand you cant give everyone write access to a
> tree you can always give read access so people can keep up. Watch for
> conflicts etc. Also no open bug database so no one knew where to
> The part about only 24 messages on the list during the year is true.
> However they neglect to say what those messages are on the list. Most
> them are messages like the one below
> “From: "scottp1296" <scottp1296@y...> 
> Date: Sun Sep 21, 2003 4:41 am
> Subject: Still no luck with opensif.org
> Am I the only one that can't connect to www.opensif.org? I still
> get connection refused, so it looks like the host is up, but the
> web server isn't running. 
> I've tried contacting three different email addresses at
> Edustructures, as well as Eric Peterson, but not one of them has
> responded.
> Anyone have any other suggestions?
> Regards,
> Scott”
> The website just went down suddenly and no response was given except
> page you now find at http://www.opensif.org/.
> Also claims that the downloads went down are correct as I am sure they
> can provide stats. But as I know from running several open source
> projects when you do not release often downloads go down. Only so many
> people are willing to download a application that is old or no longer
> working with the current specs. 
> All these excuses may be valid however it the eyes of the public it
> appears that EduStructures did not actually want the code out in the
> public domain as you can still not even find a old archive of the
> release anywhere on the internet. In essense they killed the project
> themselves by faint promotion and the hoops one had to jump thru to
> involved. 
> OpenSIF and the fact of having an open sourced ZIS server was a great
> idea and desperatly needed. I would like to revive the project in the
> true meaning of open source and provide a cvs tree, updated product,
> working with the current SIF specification 1.1 and allow this project
> go forward. I have sent emails to EduStructures asking for the current
> OpenSIF code as it was when the project died with little hope of
> receiving it. I have also asked on the OpenSIF yahoo groups list for a
> copy of the code if anyone had it. I have received no response nor do
> really expect one at this point.
> I am writing you with the hopes that you would be able to step up and
> help us the open source community obtain the codebase that you
> rightfully gave with the stipulation that the code remain open source
> that I may revive the project and continue working on it.
> Sincerely
> Matthew R. Jezorek
> Executive Director
> Linux for Education
> matt@bluelinux.org

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