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[seqhoundrweb-l] A test

Greetings and welcome to the seqhoundrweb-l list. The goal of the list
is to support the usage and development of the SeqHoundRWeb.py Python
module to access the SeqHound database[1], a very rich bioinformatics

The module is currently very usable, and I encourage people to pick it
up and try knocking it about to fix bugs or add any new things to it.

Some things left to be done include:

- Some simplification of internal code would be useful
- Some improvement of example documentation, although at least we have
  some. :) That said, the module is actually pretty straightforward,
  especially if you pull down the SeqHound web api page [2].
- Support for configuration files to allow access to other SeqHound
  servers than the primary SLRI server.
- Anything else.

Patches, ideas, contributions are always appreciated.

Thanks to Roger for setting this list and hosting up, and to Paul for
being my partner in crime.



[1] The original SeqHound paper is here:
[2] The SeqHound Web API is described here:

Pete St. Onge
pete at seul dot org