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AbiWord, Gnumeric

Has anyone looked at AbiSource's site?  http://www.abisource.com

They're attempting to make an open source office suite portable across
'Doze and UNIX/GTK+.  They currently have a pre-pre-alpha (and that's
pushing it) version of AbiWord.

I tried it yesterday.  It compiles OK but coredumps often.  Basic
editing functionality is there, and you can change the formatting of

I'm not quite sure where they're getting their money, but I certainly
wish them the best of luck.  This might be a project worth contributing
to.  I'll at least follow their progress over the next couple months.

And has anyone tried Gnumeric?  I haven't tried it yet - I don't have
GNOME installed.  But it sounds like they're making progress, so I might
give it a shot.

I also tried KOffice but couldn't get it compiled.  I think it might be
a Corba problem, but Corba seemed OK the first time I compiled it.  I
might look at it more later.