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System information tool

I started this a while ago. It has been set aside for now but I
will hopefully have time to work on it again soon.

I have been working on a system information tool (the gui
portion is written in GTK but can be replaced quite easily
by some other toolkit. The tool is currently a front end for
some of the files in /proc and /etc. As time goes on I will
improve the coverage and data that the tool displays. Also
in the future is the ability to affect this data through the tool
(such as change IRQs, sound card settings, installed

Note that the GUI portion of the program is written in C. The
chunks of code which get the information are written in
TCL and are sent to the GUI using stdin/stdout pipes. The
component of the program which listens to the pipes and
controls the GUI is written as a loadable module in C. This
provides the ability to replace the GUI with another,
change the scripts which gather the data, and change the
method of communicating with the main program, all without
affecting the other components.

Comments are welcome. Help is even more welcome :)

Ken Duck