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Re: The Kernel

William T Wilson wrote:
> We should not monkey with the kernel!  I don't know why this isn't
> obvious.  The whole point of building a linux core is to standardize
> Linux.  Now we take the most fundamental aspect of it and change it.
> Remember, our job here is not to push the envelope.  It is to maintain
> ease of use and stability.  Whether we want our users to compile their own
> kernel or not, we cannot take the kernel and just arbitrarily mess with
> it.  Doing so defeats not only the point of the core, but also runs the
> risk of introducing bugs, and makes no appreciable benefit.

You talk as if we are talking about getting elbow deep in the kernel
source and making alterations for the sake of trying to be better.  We
are talking about the *possibility* of providing *optional* kernel
binaries with patches that are proven by others and QC'd by us before
they are even considered for inclusion.

> kernel patches are for people that are interested in making their kernel
> do new and exciting things.  Not for those of us that just want a simple,
> stable distribution.

Kernel patches are for improving the functionality of the kernel and the
systems the patch effects.