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Help topics / task help

Yet another old message...


I have not put a lot of thought into help topics, but
do have some ideas.

The LDP (Linux Documentation Project) has many documents
which may be used in the interrim. Unfortunately many of
them are still to detailed and complicated for the
focus group of SEUL. We should not try to replace these
documents, however...

Instead a separate set of documents, TASK files, could
be written to embody some of the SEUL ideas. Task help
files would be short, step by step procedures for
simple (and semi-complex) processes. As much as possible
the help could invoke tools (used in SEUL) which the
user could then use to perform these tasks. Some of these
tasks could be:

  Opening an xterm.
  Executing a program.
  Running the file manager.
  Copying a file (and other file operations).
  Connecting with the internet.
  Setting up the mouse (or other hardware. Tools needed to make this
  Logging out.
  Shutting down.

And on and on.

Some of these tasks can be recorded now.

What is though of making a list of possible tasks (keeping it online
somewhere) and tagging the ones that are being written and have
been complete.

Any takers?