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Re: Plan of action for dev-install

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> COMPROMISE: fibs the dos partition, create a linux swap partition. Make a
> dos or ext2 filesystem in the swap partition. Use that as the loop device
> file on install, once it is loaded you can mkswap that partition to
> destroy it and mkfs the linux partition and continue on with the install.

Sorry, was thinking of an initrd filesystem that is loded into ramdisk and
then destroyed on the hard disk. Might still be doable if the the swap
partition is not needed until after the first reboot. I make a small
partition as ext2, load onto it a "superfloppy" from the CDROM ... same
principle as the floppy root.bin concept but larger since I have 32mb to
work with, boot it, load it, destroy it, and it becomes swap.

George Bonser 
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