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Re: Plan of action for dev-install

> jfm writes:
> > Any scheme based on doing chores at fixed times of the day will not work
> > with home users computers.
> This is what anacron is for.

I know about it and it falls short.  To begin with it does not check
than he is not starting tasks just when you are recompilling your
kernel and raytracing at the same time.  I have a better scheme based
on batch.

> > The installation should not let the user with an unconfigured PPP.
> > Online mail and news reading is very expensive in many countries so we
> > have to set up and configure mail and news servers for offline reading.
> I'm working on pppd configuration.  Mail and news configuration, while
> important, are seperate issues.  So is network configuration. Standardize
> on fetchmail and smail and a mail configurator won't be too hard. Network
> configuration should also be manageable for the simple systems that Seul is
> aimed at.  Offline news, however, is a can of worms.

Online news is 3$ an hour here in France due to phone costs.  105$ a
month.  So we have to get offline news.  But INN is an overkill, look
at lefnode.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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