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GUI - install/main

Kai Wetzel wrote:
> Sorry, I guess I was asleep :O)

Where was everybody else, was my question.

> I think it's fine to start with that.  But we should stay free
> to change our mind when more information become available.
> In the case of the WM I don't even think picking another
> one will cause any trouble besides configuring the new one
> so it suits our requirement.  IMO it's important to decide
> when exactly we want the GUI to step in, too.  And how
> should installation work ?  What questions must be asked ?
> What exactly can be probed ? etc.  It's cool that you start
> with the gui packages now, but it's probably a good idea
> to pick some directotion for the other aspects as well to
> know where the whole thing is likely to be going :)

Absolutely.  I think it goes without saying that things can, and most
likely, will change over time.  I just want to get something together to
work with.

It's a compartmented distro.  I'm the UI leader.  I give my input in the
other areas, but my job is to get the GUI together and mold it.  Has
nothing to do with putting the cart before the horse.

I need to find out what the GUI's are going to be like to know what
needs to be done in the begining.  With WM2 we don't need any probing. 
If I start with probing, I've wasted time in that area.  Besides,
installation is another department, as far as routines etc.

This department is concerned with the GUI the other stuff will use.  So
there's not a hell of a lot we have to worry about, as far as

I'm happy to hear some input though.  It's appreciated.