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Re: screendump

(CC'd to UI)

I agree.  I find FVWM a little lacking, myself.  But in the end the
choice may be to go with the most proven WM of the list being looked
at.  Not that FVWM@ is the most proven, but in the end it may prove to
be.  It's still too early to tell.

Kai Wetzel wrote:
> Besides that I'm not sure fvwm2 would be agood choice
> for an end-user setup, some improvements you could
> check out:
> - try bg color R: 116 G: 121 B:156 (/256)
>   maybe there is a similar color in the "database".
> - the GoodStuff buttons look ugly IMO.  How
>   about a "conservative" grey75 ?
> - Maybe having two titled windows would show
>   the difference between focus/non-focus more
>   clearly.  I'd say the xterm frame is too dark.
>   some good color are IMHO grey75, grey90 and
>   a friendly yellow-orange like BeOS has on some
>   snapshots.  (Basically a full yellow which approaches
>   red just a little bit)
> - I don't know whether a pager is good for newbies at all,
>   but if it is, I think a 3x2 pager would be easier to
>   handle (and the individual tiny desktops would become
>   higher.
> kai