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Re: Window Managers, A question

>   I only have one question for you, do not both enlightenment and
> WindowMaker require that all apps that are on the desktop be recompiled
> using GTK??
No.  By definition, a window manager does not care what the applications 

> An example, I use pine as a mail reader.  Can I install either of the
> above WM's and get pine to run??
Pine does not use X at all.  Pine is a curses-based MUA that can be coaxed 
into telling an xterm to send it mouse events.

In the general case, no, the window manager does not restrict what you run 
at all.  I have tried out Enl on various machines, none of which have 
Motif, Gtk, Qt, or any other such libraries installed, let alone being used.

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