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RE: Window Managers, A question Part Deux

řann 25-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
> Well, I'm going a step at a time.  Once the actual interface is set,
> I'll start building the tools for it.  Would you like to handle one of
> those?
  Well, there are a lot of file managers out there, and some of them like
'xplore' can be re-written for a free widget set, like lesstif.   Xplore is
GPL'd and very good, IMO.  I'll take a look, and see what's possible to do with

> Gnome is targetted to be the toolkit for SEUL.  I do think that given
> it's severe alpha shakes that we need an interim choice.  I've been
> thinking of tk/tcl stuff for that task.  
  What about the X classes library?

> Sure.  But kedit locks up on file I/O at times and leaves.  You loose
> everything.  I thought this was due to it's hooks in kfm, which has file
> I/O problems as well.  I've also had xfmail take a hike on me while
> responding to email when I cut a large section that scrolls the screen
> from the original.  It does it fairly regularly in that situation.
  That happens with xfmail-1.1 and xfmail-1.2 (pre patch 2, I think).  There
was a bug in there, but it's been fixed.  The version I'm using now, is pretty
stable.  And then there is 'ML 3.3', which is a motif client but compiles with
lesstif, and also XCmail.  Now XCmail is pretty good, but I don't have a
version that can edit accented characters... which is why I use xf-mail, I
inserted a code there, which was uploaded to the mainstream, that allows dead

> The idea behind the runtime libraries is that they can be included *if*
> we don't sell some software that depends on it.  That means that no
> software can be a part of the base SEUL distro wich depends on such
> libs, but it can be in optional/non-free.
  Well, it would be possible to offer a nice looking printer tool, as an
example, and provide it as optional then.  I don't have a printer working on my
Linux box (mine's broken), but when I have one working I'll write such a tool
if I can't find it.

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