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Re: Window Managers, A question Part Deux

řann 25-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
> Where can I find this Xplore?  Does it have a visual snauser and/or
> iconic display?  I like the idea of the visual snauser in the file
> browser.  Then I can see which image file I want to select for whatever
> I'm doing, instead of opening xv and using it's visual snauser to find
> what I want.
  Just point your favorite browser towards...


  It has a directory tree browser, along with file view... as 'ls -l' with small
icons and with large icons.  It also knows file types, and how to treat
'double' clicking a file.  So, when you double click on your file it 'drops' it
into xv.

  You can also modify the bindings of icons to file types, through a mouse
click... as well as the actions taken, when you drop something on it, etc.

> The only one I've seen, so far, that does that is KFM and it's not
> dependable so I don't use it.
  I agree, it's too buggy right now.

> Hmm.  What is the X classes library?  I don't think I've heard of that
> one yet.
  It's like the 'Qt' widget library, and has a lot of nice features.  Like
help-bubbles. :-)  You can take a look at it, at this address...


  There is a question on the copyright policy of the library, though.

> Sure.  I agree.  I'd like to have a good GUI print manager as well.

  One that would, preferrably, use the same drag'n'drop methods as the default
file manager, so that people could drag an icon from it and into the printers
desktop icon.  Even if the default file manager would be xfm (or moxfm with
lesstif), then whatever printer tool was used would need to be of the same

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