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Re: [seul-edu] Mail Filters

I use John Hardin's procmail filters to solve the ms virus/worm/other
horrible thing problem.

you need to use procmail for the local delivery agent.  I thinks this is
still the default on RedHat installs dont't know about others.  In any
case procmail could be installed.  the filters work very well.

A list of extensions know to carry email "disease" are mangled before


for more info

Dan Kubilos, Technology Coordinator
Oxnard Elementary School District

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:

> We recently had a word virus end up in one of our user's
> docs.  She had to save it and open it to get it.  So I
> figured maybe there is a way to force people to send
> only rtf files and dissallow .doc and excel file (rtf
> and tab deliminated files should work).  Anybody have
> any experience doing this in a school.  
> I don't want to buy virus checkers and have to update 70
> computers nearly weekly.  I figure mail virus filters
> are expensive.  
> Is there some thing simple I can do with sendmail?  Has
> anybody had experience trying this?  Can someone share
> the results of trying?  Faculty repsonse, costs, etc.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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