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[seul-edu] Number of Linux desktops

I got a message from one of the principles at Teacher Technologies
<http://www.teachertech.com> today.  They make software for schools. 
Their products were originally for Macintosh, but they've ported them
to Windows using the Carbonless Copies technology from ARDI, Inc.
<http://www.ardi.com>.  I know Cliff Matthews from ARDI, and he said
that if they did a Windows port using his tech, a Linux port would be
fairly trivial.

They're interested in the idea of doing a Linux version, but they want
to get a projection of the number of Linux desktops in education in the
next five years or so.  I only had anecdotal info, which I passed on to
them.  Does anyone know of any projections of this sort that I could
show them?  If not, does anyone know how to come up with such a
projection (short of making it up)?

They also wanted to know about promotion and testing of any Linux port
they develop (I "volunteered" SEUL/edu to help with that).  Take a look
at their website and let us know if you'd be a candidate for testing a
Linux version.

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