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Re: [seul-edu] Reporte semanal 3 / Weekly report 3

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Arturo Espinosa Aldama wrote:

> * we need a webmail system, because Windows is too complicated to configure
>   for the teachers (in fact, configuration is the most complicated part in
> 	Windows, with so many different client versions, etc.). Miguel Ibarra
> 	suggested IMHO, a free webmail interfase for Roxen 
> 	(http://www.lysator.liu.se/~stewa/IMHO/), which comes in Spanish, amoung
> 	many other languages. This reminds me some sales monkey that offered me
> 	a propietary webmail system some time ago. The webmail system will provide
> 	an interfase that doesn't require user configuration, and solves the
> 	"multiuser" problem that Windows has, regarding mail. Also, it will
> 	provide with an uniform mail interfase, between GNU/Linux and Windows 
> 	machines.

I might suggest you look into twig (http://twig.screwdriver.net/), I have
checked, and it does support spanish, though I don't know the exact

We are currently using TWIG for teacher and student (limited) email at
Corbett Elementary School (http://www.corbettschool.org/twig2/).
> I have stoped the mass CD production, to include the webmail and 
> complementary floppy system, which are new and extremely useful parts of the
> system.
> The trip to SLP was a success: the tech team at the Centro Potosino de
> Tecnología Educativa was able install the CD in one school, with no
> assistance on our side, at the first aptempt. Three schools in total were
> installed, and the local team will take care to bring that number to 20.

Very good news, I hope your success continues.
> In the other side, Guanajuato state has communicated us its interest in us
> to go there too, and we already have a schedule to visit the rest of the
> states this last part of the month, to finish stages 0 and 1 there.

If you make it near Arizona, USA, in your travels, please contact me.  We
(OSEF, http://www.osef.org) would love to find the time/place to meet with
you about Linux/OSS in education.
> The Red Escolar Linux article for the official ILCE magazine has been
> approved, and we will publish it briefly in the web page (Documents section).
> Greetings,
> Arturo


Harry McGregor, CEO, Co-Founder
hmcgregor@osef.org, (520) 202-OSEF (6733)
Open Source Education Foundation, http://www.osef.org