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RE: What we're doing (was Re: [seul-edu] Another app you may like to see)

You're right, it has been quiet here.

I mostly have been busy working on my homework manager program. I am trying
to get my school to try out AUC so I don't know if I will even finish my
code. Other than that, I have been bugging our admin to install Linux and
reading the latest reports. If our school can have some success then the
rest of the county might be easier to talk into using linux.

Finding a way to use 68k macs as Xterms would be really neat. I'll see what
I can find on that.

Jason Mellen

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On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, sala@cbint.org wrote:

> Hypercosm Studio and Player: Is a 3d animation player for web
> browsers
> (linux, mac and windows available for the player, linux and windows
> for
> the studio) that has a programming language to empower the applets.
> This could be used to make some cross-platform simulations for use in
> classes (galaxies, chemistry, science, etc.), but i'm just
> downloading
> it right now, and maybe this afternoon i'll check it out and if it's
> as
> good as their marketing people say (!) i'll post a little about it.
Thanks, Jaime!  I've gotten busy lately and haven't been able to keep
up as well as I'd like to; I'm glad to see that you're helping keep the
ideas flowing.

For the rest of us--it's been quiet here for a little too long.  How
about posting what you're all doing in the way of using Linux in
education so we can learn from your experiences or give advice on
problems you're having?  Bill Tihen, how is the documentation project
coming?  I'm still planning on writing documentation on creating the
68K Mac/XTerminal, probably during those 25th and 26th hours of the
day.  Jeff Elkner, what's happening with the OpenText project?  Eric
Sandeen, how about Grader?  All the rest of us, let's hear what you've
accomplished, what your next projects will be, what your long-term
goals are, what you'd like to or hope to accomplish.

I regularly get requests from people who are interested in helping out
on projects involving Linux in education, and I'd like to pass them on
to projects that are looking for help.  But I can't do that if I don't
know about your project or the help you want!  So let's talk it up!

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