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[seul-edu] Re: What we're doing

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Doug Loss wrote:

Seems like decades since I've posted to seul-edu, although I've been
reading, honest.  :)

I'm still actively developing and using K12Admin internally at Coast
Mountains School District, although it has been far too long since I've
made a public release.  This is partly due to lack of demand.  I've had
several (approximately 20) e-mails of people interested in K12Admin, but
very little in the way of people actually using it.  In the last week,
however, I've had e-mail from two people who are actually using K12Admin
so that has my interest piqued again.  Summer's almost here, as well,
which affords me a little more time for this kind of stuff.

Internally, a lot of the modifications to K12Admin lately have been
administrative in nature.  We've developed a work order system that allows
users within the schools to describe problems with particular pieces of
equipment, or generic devices like phone systems, e-mail access, etc.
School Administrative Officers can approve and prioritize work orders, and
district maintenance supervisors can approve and prioritize work orders.
E-mails are sent to district technicians and the original reporter of the
problem both when the order is submitted and any time the status of the
work order is changed (closed, approved/rejected, note added).

I've also developed a server status monitoring system that monitors things
like free disk space, swap space used, cpu temperature, last contact time,
uptime, loadavg, etc. for all the servers in our district and generates a
web page and daily emails of alarm and warning conditions.

I also attended the Linux Expo in Montreal in April and met Pete St. Onge
and Hilaire Fernandes, among others.  This was a lot of fun and got me and
my co-worker (who also attended) excitied about some stuff we had been
working on, primarily setting up labs of X-terminals.  We are using the
Linux Terminal Server Project's setup to run labs of 24-30 X-terminals
running off one xdm server.  We currently have 1 production lab that has
been running all year, with at least 2 more labs to be installed this

Last, but not least, I've made modifications to K12Admin that integrate it
with AUC, and we are starting to deploy AUC within our district.
Currently, we are only running it for web-based email access, but we hope
to set it up on all of our home directory servers within each school.

Steve Tonnesen
Coast Mountains School District