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Re: [seul-edu] LinuxCanada Show Facts

>> Here's a recent press release from the LinuxCanada people that I thought
>> you
>> might be interested in...
>>      Attendee Profile (5000-6000 Attendees Projected)
>>      Corporate Executives
>>      MIS/IT and Enterprise Professionals
>>      Software Developers/Publishers
>>      Programmers/system programmers
>>      Web developers and consultants
>>      Sales & Marketing Executives
>>      Venture Capitalists
>>      Consultants
>George, does this profile seem likely to you?  I'll be mightily surprised
>if they get this commercial-looking an average attendee.  They seem like
>nice, enthusiastic people, but I think they seriously misunderstand the
>Linux community, and how many Linuxers they're likely to attract from
>Ontario and the NE US.

Its hard for me to judge. Advanstar are quite a big operation, so I assume
they know what they're doing. The newMedia event, with which this is
associated, is huge.

I believe they are trying to attract far more than just the Linux community
itself (which doesn't include too many Venture Capitalists, I'm sad to say
;-)). There is, of course, a huge buzz around Linux and I guess they are
trying to attract the broad computing community. Of course, with this PR
they are trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy...