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Re: [seul-edu] support via lugs

At 07:00 PM 3/19/00 +0000, kometboy wrote [in part]:

>I have broached the subject with my local lug  MFDLUG (Mansfield Linux
>Users Group). I have suggested to them that we could  offer support via
>our web page. MFDLUG has been seeking ways to give back to the linux
>community. This could be an excellent project. What I am asking now is
>for comments, ideas, etc (anything but rotten tomatos) about what could
>possibly be effective ways of offering support.

I agree. Be aware that doing it right is a lot of work. My local LUG has
talked for years about doing something similar, but it never manages to
mobilize the resources actually to deliver anything to schools. (In
fairness, there isn't much demand from schools either, except at the college
level ... but the real lack of outreach easily explains that.) 

In contrast, the LUG in Portland seems to do a good job of supporting
education. They run a mailing list and Web site that seem to work (although
the list is very low traffic). Take a look at:


>I'm a third grade teacher, and I use linux in my classroom. I am also
>involved in potentially hatching a project in my school to create a mini
>lab of linux boxes to do school newspaper type word processing.  I
>evnision using several of the ideas from seul in setting this up. As
>this could become a potential school project seeking support from my
>lug, I thought I would throw this into the mix also. Again, comments,
>suggestions, etc, will be more than welcome.

You'll find a reference to this in the mailing-list archives if you search
hard, but it's interesting enough to mention again anyway. Take a look at

for a neat example of a low-cost, Linux-based Lab.

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