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[seul-edu] I am going to look into our schools linux compatability

    The school I go to (Ruthven Public School) is currently M$ and
N*vell based. All computers are running Win98 with a N*vell NutWare
4.11. The computers in the class are PII-400Mhz processors that would
run Linux quite easily. The ones in the lab are 486s with 8MB of RAM and
have NO hard disk (they are diskless workstations). All the rest are
high end 486s with 2x CD-ROMs and 16MB of RAM or P90s. I have no clue
what the server is because the techie said something about 13 year olds
aren't supposed to know more than how to used the assigned programs :-).
The students just use educational games like math rescue (math game) and
math team (math racing game) and the teachers use WordPerfect and
F!leMak*r Pro to do report cards. The kids at school would love the
multiplier games available for linux like FreeCiv. Other GL games would
also be good like Tux Racer. There are only two problems that I could

1. We would have to re-educate all the techies and teachers
2. It would cost a lot to get rid of the software and site licenses for
a free alternative.

I will show some teachers about linux and see what they think.


Kevin Brown.

PS: You might see a bunch of *s and !s because I didn't want to get into
trouble with trademarks :-).