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[seul-edu] AUC Status

Hi all,

Since there seem to be a lot of new people on this list, I figured I would
reintroduce myself and give a brief status report on my software project,
Authenticated User Community (AUC).  It was only one year ago that I was a
high school student myself, so I can definitely relate to the stuggle of
pro-Linux students against unfriendly administration.

Anyway, AUC (http://auc.sourceforge.net) is a project that seeks to   
develop a web-based application for use in a school to facilitate the
exchange of ideas amongst students and teachers.  It covers a lot of 
ground, including web-based email, online assignments, online document
sharing, distance learning, personalized portals, and online calendars.

Check out the web-page for more information, use the demo, or download a
copy (it's GPL).  I'm hoping that some of you may want to help with
development (C and SQL knowledge are helpful).

Here is my current status:

I am hoping to put out version 0.6.3 in a week or so.  I have made a lot
of progress integrating XML into AUC since the last version.  I am now
using XML for the configuration file format, and will use it for a lot of
internal functions.  This will pave the way for eventual use of EduML
within AUC.  For 0.6.3, I will also have an online configuration tool that
will make AUC significantly easier to administrate.

Thanks for your interest.


David Moore

  David Moore       California Institute of Technology
 <dcm@acm.org>     http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~dmoore