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Re: [seul-edu] New educational app

this looks very imortant, but i can\'t get through my 
ISP\'s proxy to any .il domain, can anybody send me some 
mirroring site?


Quoting Doug Loss <dloss@suscom.net>:

> Just found on Freshmeat:
> <http://www.rlab.idc.ac.il/hack/>
> From the website: This application is intended to be 
used as a teaching
> aid to the subjects of computer architecture. It 
consists of :
>   1.a computer simulator which has the usual hardware 
(cpu, memory,
> registers, screen etc...) which \"understands\" 
assembly language
> commands. (IBC = I ByteCode)
>   2.a virtual machine (vm) level which \"understands\" 
bytecode and
> manages some global tables in the memory, thus 
enabling \"function\" level
> access.
>   3.a compiler that takes an input as a high level 
language (IPL = I
> Programming Language) and compiles it into IBC. It 
also manages memory
> allocations, method calls etc.
>   4.and a GUI part which enables a user interface to 
all the mentioned
> components.
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