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Re: [seul-edu] RedHat install on laptop

> The district just bought me an IBM ThinkPad A21m (not my choice of computer)
> and I am trying to set it up with dual-boot Linux/DOS using RedHat 6.2. When
> I boot the RH disk, I get the initial install menu, the LINUX boot begins,
> but when the first window for the GUI install should appear, I get a black
> screen with vertical blue lines. (It's like it's sending a non-synced video
> signal) The video card is a Rage Mobility-M AGP card.
As someone has already suggested do the text install, but also go to the
linux laptop faq and find your particular model and see if it has notes 
to make everything work properly.  Last I checked the thinkpads required a 
special XServer.  Also, IBM is heavily utilizing Linux these days.  It could
not hurt to call up IBM support and see if they can provide you any useful
> Any suggestions?
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