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Re: [seul-edu] Legal questions [was Re: They changed the site! ( was Re: [OS:N:] Donated PCs)

Stephen C. Daukas wrote:
> In my humble opinion, I think it is time to talk to folks 
> trained/practicing in this area of law (friends, family, etc.) before we 
> make any representations about what is legal, what isn't, and what the 
> "grey area" does or doesn't mean, before we go after Microsoft half-cocked.
> Steve

Easy answer, we don't make any claims about what is legal.  We don't go 
after Microsoft.  We simply state that Free/Open Source software is a 
really nice way to utilize donated PC's and avoid problems with software 
license fees.

- cameron

- cameron miller
- UNIX Systems Administrator
- cdmiller@adams.edu