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Re: [seul-edu] How big a server?

> > Windows and "Up to Date" must be an oxymoron... No, we just ghost them and
> > then lock them down using Deep Freeze. Very little required in the way of
> > management, other than periodically updating the image, and reghosting. We
> > try to get them as close to being a terminal as we can.
> I haven't tried this, but this sounds very interesting for the Windows
> boxes (at least until you can dump them and put Linux in their places
> :-)):
> http://www.pyzzo.com/pcrdist/

Yes, we used this before using DeepFreeze. They have a very useful utility
on the website called "Regdump" that allows you to dump the registry.
However the really valuable thing is that it does "differential" dumps,
so that you can track changes that programs make to the registry. In
combination with TweakUI and the Policy Editor, you can create custom
registry files (.reg) to control certain aspects of windows behavior.
(mainly for management)

PCTDist, past 1.56 for DOS, I believe, costs real money. They were
purchased by Symantec, I believe.

Les Richardson