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Re: Major interview

This is one of the most sensible comments in the discussion so far . from my
point of view being new to the Linux idea!!  Seems right on to me!!!  Have
downloaded Star Office for Win95 and looks promising . Will get it for Linux
when I have figured out hao wto use it some more.

At 03:28 PM 9/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>The majority of university educated computer people grew up using DEC
>computers and Unix software. That didn't make the world turn to Unix,
>did it? The Microsoft success I believe was in making it easy to write
>or find user applications for everyman. Remember Gates' first product
>was MITS Basic, the first disk operating system & language all in one.
>I think Linux has to find the everyman applications to become
>widespread. The vast majority of users don't want to sift thru network
>lockouts, installations, etc. They want word processing, spell checkers,
>spreadsheets, payroll, email, stock analysis, address books. StarOffice
>is a winner perhaps among Linux neophites, I expect. Whether grammar
>school kids using Linux applications will grow Linux penetration remains
>to be seen. I think it's necessary to present Linux every chance
>possible because that's what Microsoft is doing (and Apple did). Don't
>want to fall farther behind, do we?
>> Does anyone have any thoughts on the fact that education is often one of the
>> first battlegrounds for os and hardware manufacturers.
>> The idea may be that these companies want to see young people growing within
>> their framework so that when they enter the world of work businesses must
>> provide the systems that they're used to using.