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Re: Major interview

At 09:43 AM 9/8/99 +0200, Jose C. Lacal wrote [in part]:

>02 weeks ago in California I bought a (13 years old) Compaq 486 color
>luggable computer. It has 32 Mb RAM and a 500 Mb HD. It came with
>Windows NT 4.0 workstation. I sliced the disk and I now also run DR-DOS
>and WfW 3.11 on a 100 MB partition. With all of the software I mention

Are you sure about that? My reference (http://telecom.tbi.net/comphis.html)
says that Intel only released the 80486 in 1990, so a 13-year-old Compaq
(from 1986) would be a real collectors' item. If you plan to use this
illustration in the interview, you might want to check your dating.

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