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Interview points summation


   I think we've had a very fruitful discussion on what points to cover
in the upcoming interview.  I don't want to shutdown this discussion,
but I'd like to get some distillation of the points we intend to make
and who will be primarily responsible for each point, and then move on
with scheduling the interview.  I'm hopeful that this interview will
reach more than just the linux faithful.  I know that I'll try to
publicize it in some of the k12.* newsgroups.  If it comes off very
well, please help us get the widest viewing possible for it, OK?

   I listed what I saw as the major themes we've covered in
<http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Sep-1999/msg00046.html>.  I'll
take primary responsibility for covering the financial benefits of
switching to Linux and for trying to link the Free/Open Source
development concept with the concept of academic peer review.  I'll also
cover the idea of "expandable" user interfaces as front-ends to regular
Linux programs as a way to make them usable to school-age children. 
Roman, I'll probably need some help here.

   Roman and Jose, could you list the points you intend to cover too? 
That way we can see if any of the rest of the group can find things
we've missed.

   Harry McGregor and Jim Troutman, could you get me some real numbers
on what the costs of non-Linux (Microsoft or Apple) software are for
your schools?  If anyone else has any cost comparison numbers, please
send them along.  As for the concept linkages, I'll re-read what we've
discussed here and try to post my thoughts on that so they can be honed.

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