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Re: Cheap hardware X-terms?

As regards the use of Apples and localtalk, it may be possible that the folks at
DEBIAN may have an answer if someone knows the right contact.  I recall they LOVED
showing off thier SE30 at LinuxWorld.


Ray Olszewski wrote:

> At 08:03 PM 9/21/99 -0500, Michael A Hamblin wrote [in part]:
> >On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Doug Loss wrote [in part]:
> >
> >> Slightly different topic.  Has anyone tried using Linux to convert
> >> old Macs into X-terms?  ...
> >How old of Macs? If they are LocalTalk without possibility of going
> >10baseT you can get a LocalTalk to ethernet bridge for cheap. If you were
> >to buy one, you could easily get one for $100 and I'd feel ripped off :)
> >but you only need one for a network, IIRC.
> This is not as good as it sounds. Remember that Localtalk runs at about 160
> kbps, or at 2% of the speed of regular Ethernet. Running any significant
> number of XTerminals over such a slow line would probably deliver
> performance that users would find unsatisfactory. All the thought behind
> using XTerminals has focused on LANs that run at least at 10 mbps.
> Anyway, do you know if any Mac-based Linux supports Localtalk (not
> Appletalk, which is a higher-level protocol, but Localtalk, which is Layer 1)?
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