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Re: Database for Software List

Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> For some time I have felt that eventually the Software List should be in
> a database. Stephen Quam has expressed an interest in doing this. I have
> put together a first cut at what features should be included. Also Bill
> Tihen has organized the Software List by category see
> http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Aug-1999/msg00053.html. Bill, what
> are your thoughts on the Software List. Following is the list of
> features for the database:
> Ability to select category of software ( I would suggest using Bill's
> see above).
> Grade level (ability to select a range of grades including a single
> grade from K12+). I put the + to mean above K12. I think it would be a
> mistake not to put it in while we are at it.
> Language (ability to select software based on available interface
> language such as English, French, Chinese,etc.). Do we need to make a
> list of all potential languages?
> Front end (CLI, X-Window, GNOME, KDE).
> Back end (none, list of databases).
> Additional possibilities: system resources, license (GPL, etc.), source
> language, use of XML.
> Everybody what are your thoughts?
> Stephen any comments?
> Bob

This sounds like a good idea. I will start working on the database
structure design this week. I am open to any ideas or thoughts people might