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Re: Database for Software List

Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:

> I would go a little further and break it down into:
>         Preschool
>         Grades 1-5
>         Grades 6-8
>         Grades 9-13
>         University
> Because each of these grade levels are seen as
> pedagocally different in many places (not allways grades
> 6-8), but in anycase, these teachers can then better use
> similar programs.

Thanks Bill, this is a good point. Correct me if my interpretation is
wrong. I'm taking grade 1 to mean what we in the US would refer to as K
for kindergarten and thus 13 for 12 in terms of our K12 system. The
inclusion of preschool is a good idea both for daycare and the home.
This has made me think in terms of localization. Local to myself, we
have two systems: K-4 (1-5), 5-8 (6-9), 9-12 (10-13) and K-6 (1-7), 7-9
(8-10), 10-12 (11-13). We could store things internally as 0-14, zero
for preschool and 14 for college/university and localize the interface.
Thoughts anyone especially for Chinese, Japanese and Russian school
systems. Also what about the UK.