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Re: Sun "thin client" for the classroom

Bill Ries-Knight <brk@slip.net> wrote:
>Does this approach seem familiar to anyone here?  The really nice thing
>is the system is SUN's technology, which suggests it is UNIX, a serious
>potential boost to LINUX in classrooms.
Personally, I believe more in giving students good PDA's than put them
behind computers, but this comes in second-best. A Sun Ray is essentially
a VGA card and an Ethernet card wired together (with audio in/out, 4 USB
ports and video in thrown into the game), with a remote X server doing
the hard work. 

The great thing for a classroom environment is indeed that you can pull
your smart-card, walk up to your teacher, and insert the card into his
Sun Ray - your screen pops up, with the cursor blinking at the very same
spot, etcetera. As long as your environment is running on the server, you
basically can access it from every place with decent bandwidth (if you
don't want to do video, 10Mbit does fine). 

Cees de Groot               http://www.cdegroot.com     <cg@cdegroot.com>