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[Fwd: [seul-edu] Hidedn files...]

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Sorry, I thought I had said that is was not Unix hidden files (ie "dot" files),
but actually hidden somehow in DOS, like the old ATTRIB command .  I didn't
think Linix cared about those things from another filesystem, especially and
ISO type.  Any other thoughts of how to get these files?

Ryan Booz

Mike Wohlgemuth wrote:

> If they are listed as .<file name> (being preceded by a period) then you can
> see them by typing  ls -al
> tehn you should be able to copy them .. just   cp .<file name>
> IF it is something other than this .. sorry I have no idea ...
> Mike
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> From: Ryan Booz <ryanbooz@alumni.psu.edu>
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> Date: Friday, September 29, 2000 2:27 PM
> Subject: [seul-edu] Hidedn files...
> :I have a really quick question that I can't believe I can't figure out
> :or find in the last 45 minutes of searching.  I'm trying to copy files
> :off a CD onto a server.  There are many 'hidden' files on the disc that
> :are not showing up in the Linux when the disc is mounted.  It's a vfat
> :disc and the files are obviously set hidden through DOS.  How in the
> :world do I list them, let alone copy them?  Thanks.  I'm really
> :stumped....
> :
> :Ryan Booz
> :Belleville Mennonite School
> :Tech Coordinator
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