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SEUL: ecasound 2.0.2 released

Bug fixes and minor improvements. One notable change 
is that 2.0.2 can be compiled with the new gcc 3.0.
CVS-tree is tagged with 'v2_0_2'.

17082001 (v2.0.2)  -** stable release **-
 	- added: current position tracking to loop devices
	- added: more verbose xrun info from ALSA 0.9.x devices
	- added: info about the new perl bindings to ECI API docs
	- added: Eric Tiedemann's alternative Python ECI 
		 interface, eci.py, added to pyecasound [est]
	- added: support for gcc 3.0 [juekawa]
	- changed: improved configure checks for python include 
		   and library directories
	- changed: -tl now works without -t
	- changed: new algorithm for selecting initial param 
		   values for LADSPA plugins
	- changed: update ogg input and output support to
		   work with ogg vorbis 1.0rc2
	- changed: changed some of the returned error codes
	- fixed: selecting a non-existant chainsetup could crash 
	- fixed: --enable-audiofile actually disabled the use of 
		 libaudiofile (!)
	- fixed: ecaplay - if ecaplay is unable to play a file, 
		 instead of exiting it now skips to the next file
	- fixed: giving a non-integer number of delays to -etd 
		 caused  a seg.fault
	- fixed: eiam - issuing copp-select + copp-get caused
		 a crash if no cop was selected
	- fixed: bugs in handling infinite length ewf sources
	- fixed: --disable-oss still required to sys/soundcard.h 
	         to be present [rob]
	- fixed: bug in sending MIDI-MMC messages [robstr]
	- fixed: bug in ecasoundc cleanup routines [rjpoelstra]

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